Rife Sound Frequencies For Cancer and Infection

Experimental “rife machine” approach for cancer and infections. User takes full responsibility for unwanted results. .WAV file below (15MB) contains more-or-less random frequencies all throughout the range of 0 to 22,050Hz. Based on pink noise, white noise, harmonics of the individual seeds of the aforementioned pink and white noise tracks, a track that sweeps from 0 to 22KHz every 2 seconds, and 50 individual frequencies each with a 2hz sweep above and below which is covered every 2 seconds. The 50 frequencies are mostly from the “basic set” of the cancer frequencies listed in the “CAFL”. The 50 frequencies are all sawtooth waveform, which gives numerous harmonic frequencies as well. Frequency spectrum (.PNG image) is shown below as well.

Experimental use for cancer: Download the .WAV file. Wrap one computer speaker in saran wrap. The second computer speaker is irrelevant. Cover area of skin over tumor with vaseline or ultrasonic gel. Put ear plugs into ears. Place speaker directly against the body on top of the vaseline. Play the .WAV audio file once at a loud volume that does not disturb your neighbors. The audio track lasts 3 minutes. Experimentally determine if you want to increase or decrease the number of times you play the track in a day, and the volume that you use. Report any results (positive, negative, or none) to any interested parties.

Experimental use for infection: Do the same thing, except just sit in front of both speakers. Eventually, experiment with contacting the speakers directly to the body at various places with vaseline or ultrasonic gel.

There is no guarantee of safety of this experimental idea. However, one can research on the safety profile of ultrasound exams or ultrasonic therapies and draw inferences about the relative safety about such an experimental therapy. Some people with chronic infection(s) (perhaps hitherto unknown to them) may experience unpleasant herx reactions (temporary symptoms associated with die-off of pathogens). If any therapy were to theoretically kill large amounts of cancer too quickly (cancer lysis) that could also pose a safety risk. May be dangerous for people with pacemakers or electrical devices in their bodies. Also, those who are pregnant should avoid this.

Good luck.

Audio file: (turn the volume down initially unless you want to be startled)
Cancer and Infection Sound Frequencies

Frequency Spectrum: (click to enlarge)

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