Miracle Mineral Solution 2 (MMS2): A Cure For Malaria and AIDS?

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    MMS2 is receiving claimed results with malaria, HIV, and other illnesses. Also see the comments section.

Background on MMS1

Jim Humble is a proponent of a natural remedy called Miracle Mineral Supplement (formerly called MMS, but now called MMS1). The long and short of the story is that MMS is supposedly a way of getting chlorine dioxide ion into the body. The theory is that amongst components of the human body, most pathogenic organisms have a negative charge. This means that MMS would oxidize any pathogen it comes in contact with. When you steal an electron from something, it has fundamentally changed. In other words, it would kill the bugs on contact. Anyway, that is their explanation. One interesting thing about this supplement is that it is incredibly cheap and you can even make it at home. For all the details of this, you can read Jim Humble’s book on MMS. The science behind it, I must admit does not seem clear at all, but there have been significant reports of success with MMS. The most impressive of those claims are summarized here:

  • MMS has been used clinically in Africa where something like 70,000 cases of Malaria have supposedely been cured. However, there is not much mention of this in the United States.
  • It is claimed to have a 100% success rate in curing malaria in less than 1 day.
  • Malaria is widely considered to be the worst disease of mankind.
  • Though AIDS patients do not always test negative after using MMS, they are said to become completely functional people again after three or four days of use.
  • Hundreds of other diseases have reportedly benefited from using MMS
  • 200,000 Americans are estimated to have used MMS

Strange that most have probably never heard of a supplement that may cure malaria and sometimes AIDS, isn’t it? It just sounds too good to be true, right? On one hand, there are claims of thousands of successful reports from people using MMS. On the other hand, there is not a single organization with any significant money to speak of that has either bothered to prove or disprove the validity of MMS with any large research studies. What company would want to pay money to help a supplement that would not improve their profits? After all, people can make it in their kitchen sink! It is perfectly logical and believable that this lack of research is to be expected. So the “lack of research” argument does not go very far is proving that this is some kind of scam. I can however personally vouch for a number of impressive testimonials that I have heard from people. It is certainly not a useless substance, but how useful it is remains unclear.

MMS has actually been used for a very long time to purify water for drinking by killing pathogens in the water . Of course, it took 100 years to ask, “I wonder if I could swallow that stuff and have it kill bugs inside of me?” Then again, you wouldn’t swallow boiling water, even though it kills bugs. But it appears MMS happens to be a safe substance when used correctly. There are however side effects.

You can read more about MMS on your own, as I really want to be one of the first people to blog about MMS2

MMS2 (Miracle Mineral Solution 2)

MMS2 (calcium hypochlorite) is a mineral that is said to react to produce hypochlorous acid when ingested. It is a substance native to the immune system that white blood cells use to kill pathogens. This has been known for 80 years. In all that time, it seems no researcher thought to try supplementing a human being with more hypochlorous acid to kill pathogens.

Jim Humble claims many thousands of people have already contacted him reporting the use of MMS2 in conjunction with MMS1 is effective in treating hundreds of diseases. He claims that all people that followed a combination protocol for HIV not only became asymptomatic, but tested negative for the virus! That is an improvement over MMS1 claims.

How to Get it?

Right now, I don’t know if anyone really wants it, but if you do, here is how to get it. Go to your local pool store and buy the highest percentage calcium hypochlorite you can find. Fill up a size-zero capsule with it, and swallow with a glass of water. It is easy, and costs almost nothing. When you swallow the calcium hypochlorite (typically used for pool disinfecting) it will supposedly react and turn into hypochlorous acid in your body.

Well, I guess there isn’t all that much to say about it yet, so it is probably better just to read Jim Humble’s post on the MMS2:

Jim Humble Introduces MMS2

Oh…looks like that link is down now…I found the same post elsehwere, but they don’t have photos included this time:

MMS2 intro…

For a ballpark protocol for something like HIV, Humble mentions the use of 1 size-zero-capsule filled with MMS2, taken every 2 hours, for 8 hours of the day. Continue for 3 weeks. Always take with 1 or 2 cups of water. He also mentions some info for using MMS1 simultaneously.

It might be mentioned that Humble does not come into the United States and is in relative hiding, presumably for fear of various authorities. Perhaps this is or is not a sign of some truth behind his claims, depending on how you look at it.

Even a small chance of uncovering a cure for malaria and AIDS is worth intense investigation. Yet not surprisingly, money and organization for such research is not apparently forthcoming.

Update On Product Sources 12/13/09

Information doesn’t hurt anyone. But remember, whatever you do you do at your own risk! Here are the best sources I can find for a complete MMS2 setup:

Calcium Hypochlorite, 78%
Size Zero Capsules
Optional Capsule Filling Machine

Or if you want to buy it premade, some people do this. The vendor comments: “We went to great lengths to find the highest quality source we could, and the quality isn’t about the percentage of available Chlorine. This isn’t pool shock granules, and doesn’t contain the same binders that granules contain. We also went a long way to ensure we had the correct specification of capsules that were capable of withstanding the content. Using inappropriate capsules can result in thin and brittle walled capsules.” So it looks like perhaps it is worth just buying it premade. I don’t know:

Buy MMS2

Update On Clinical Effectiveness of MMS2 4/13/2010

Please read the comment below by a Dr. who has reported his success with thousands of patients! I’ve exchanged emails with him, and he really does seem to check out as a real source!

Update on Dosing Instructions 6/15/2010

This site has more up-to-date information on the use of MMS1 and MMS2.

Update on MMS Banning 7/31/2010

The FDA has issued a safety warning against MMS and may soon ban sales.

Update on MMS Injuries 2/9/11

I know of at least 3 reports of injury, when there are supposedly none.

Update on MMS Cancer Study

There was an informal study done on MMS for cancer, and while the study does not show the MMS is ineffective, it does show that it is certainly not a magic-bullet.

Disclaimer: This article is not medical advice. This is opinion and is for informational purposes only. If seeking medical advice, consult a licensed physician.

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rina says:

where can i get a good quality product for mms2 in canada

Hi Rudolph,

When Humble first posted in MMS2, he had photos of the brand he used, and I could tell that this is in fact the same product he used in those photos. That site has been taken down, and that original MMS2 announcement has moved to a different URL, but the photos are no longer there – only the text.

Also Humble writes in that post, that though other pool shock products produce chlorine, this product does not do this and reacts to produce hypochlorous acid, which is what shocks the pool in this case. You can read the ingredient is 78% calcium hypochlorite.

Or you could shop for premade MMS2, which some people sell.

That is…if you decide you want it! I am not a chemist or biologist, and cannot promise that what Humble is talking about makes sense, but I am sure I have correctly repeated what he claims.

On your resources you point to a pool supplyer, you say it’s 78% chlorite, but at the pool supplyer’s website it just sais: ‘fast-acting formula containing 78% available chlorine’

Chlorine is Cl2 molecules and you don’t want that!!!! This is absolutely the wrong material, and should not be ingested. Even in the pool it’s not that safe, there are better products.. Please read carefully next time chlorITE is what you want, chlorINE is toxic..

michele perry says:

Does anyone know if MMS1 has got rid on mites I have been taking it on and off for a couple of days and treating the scores and they have healed but still experiencing them crawling we think its Black Pepper Mites. Have been going crazy for 3 months Help !!!

Lance says:

Dr. Haresh, I’m interested to learn more about how you administered the treatments to insure a higher rate of success to your HIV+ patients. Were there any side effects? Can you tell me about dosing and length of treatments, etc.? I am getting ready to buy my first order of MMS this month to self-treat but I’m seeing so many good and bad things about it online. I just want to be sure I’m not going to further ruin my already suffering health. I have always been grossly underweight due to celiacs disease (wheat allergy) which I only recently discovered was the cause of my slightness of weight all these years. I hope you are still checking this blog these days. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Gerry U. Tupas says:

Good day.
I am one of the subscribers of the MMS bulletin and I would like to help my brother of 44 years old, male and with the following medical abstract

[…edited comment…]

I purchased a calcium hypochlorite at local shop viz: Calcium Hypochlorite; Hi-Chlon 70; Active Ingredient Calcium Hypochlorite 70%; Insert Ingredient 30%; Nippon Soda Co. Ltd., Japan.

Is it safe and effective to administer the MMS 2 in line with the above mentioned patient’s condition, procedure and medications? May I know the dosage and how to administer the size zero MMS 2 capsule? What are the possible side effects and how to manage or overcome on it?

I do salute and thank you Mr. Jim Humble and your staff for educating the masses with full generosity. May God always bless. Again thank you.



Sorry Gerry, this is just my own blog, and I am not affiliated with Jim Humble, and cannot answer your questions. Good luck.

lucie says:

Are there any testimonials from people who have used CoQH ?
How about the product Protocel? I woould love to see that one discussed

Hi Lucie,

I am responding to your questions on the Liposomal Ubiquinol article, since this article isn’t about that. You can check there.

ramon m. espinosa says:

Dr. Haresh,
Can your solution cure spinal arthritis or gout in the body.
What do you mean by zero filled capsule.Is it a capsule with original contents, can we use that to refill this calcium hypo chloride?

cathy says:

is it possible that mms1 and mms2 can heal genital herpes?

Gary Stauffer says:

Back in my youth having taken a few drugs, I probably shouldn’t have taken, we used cigarette paper to swallow substances like powder that you couldn’t normally swallow most because of taste. If you had a zero filled capsule, cut a groove in
a piece of soft wood filled it leveled it to simulate the zero filled capsule, you could put the powder in a fruit roll up and swallow it.

John says:

Jim Humble also makes strong claims for MMS1/2 for complete cancer cure too, maybe link to this page from your excellent chemo page?

Dr Haresh says:

To those who read this may come as a blessing. I have treated over 8000 cases of
Malaria and HIV patients.90% of them have improved and some even cured of their
dreadful disease.MMS 1 and 2 are very basic substances that were used during the
early 20th century.Jim Humble had the courage and wisdom to bring it back and make
life easy for the poor who suffer from these diseases.The big pharma will never
acknowledge that their ARV drugs are toxic and cause more harm in the long run than good.

Hi Dr. Haresh. Thank you for responding to my email. I am happy to learn that there really is so much truth to the claims of MMS1 and MMS2.